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A tropical environment with an average annual temperature of 32 degrees Celsius, Langkawi Island is removed from the hassles of modern urban life. But the island's efficient transit infrastructure offers easy access to not only other peacefully remote places in Malaysia and Thailand, but also to major cities in Southeast Asia and beyond.

Situated on the southwest coast of Langkawi Island at the edge of Langkawi Lagoon, the Laguna apartments are just a 3-4 minute drive from Langkawi International Airport, yet the routing of aircraft landing from and departing to the seaside allows for a consistently quiet residential environment.

Each day those discretely arriving and departing jetliners and passenger turboprops provide the island of Langkawi with 13 non-stop flights to Kuala Lumpur, two to Penang and two to Singapore. Add to that multiple daily ferry and passenger speedboat routes to Thailand, Penang and Peninsular Malaysia.

But it’s really about the island.

Langkawi is nestled in the Andaman Sea just a short north-westerly hop off the Malaysian Peninsula. Known as the Jewel of Kedah, Langkawi is a tropical paradise offering long sandy beaches, secluded coves, swaying palm trees and natural rainforests. Awarded GEOPARK status by UNESCO, Langkawi boasts a richly lush tropical landscape, and strong governmental emphasis is placed on nature conservation.

Of course, the island is abundant with beautiful beaches and tropical ambience, but modern conveniences, diversions and excursions are abundant. Here is just some of what Langkawi offers:

• Casual and fine dining; • Active and relaxed nightlife spots; • Beach bars; • International pubs; • Boutique-scale and large 5-star spas; • Three golf courses; • Three state-of-the-art marinas; • Cinema complex; • Bowling alley; • Two major shopping malls; • Duty-free shopping; • And much more...

Langkawi – perhaps Southeast Asia’s most liveable island.